About Us

Claudio Todaro

A view with wings

We believe the photographer is whom shows to the others what/he/she has already seen. We would like to show your world trough our lenses.

If you believe in your character, in your ideas, in your business, give them the chance to be recognised and appreciated thanks to our vision and experience in different photography fields. It's our aim to make not just satisfactory images but to realize successful products. Your wedding is not a number but a piece of yours/ours life. This is why we want to hear from you, feel your desires and match your expectations.

Feel free to contact us to study your projects or realise your ideas or dreams. We are to satisfy your needs in everything related to photography. Our contact details are in the contact page. Please remember to contact us minimum two weeks in advance to have the chance to discuss all the details with you.

Our Philosophy

You, the elegance and beuty of the final result, come first.

When somebody wants a photography project to be successful, a wedding, an advertising, a catalogue, a photobook, must start from the final goal and then list all the details. This way to work will mitigate risks, get all close to a common result and improve the quality.

Our team will be always there to listen to you and provide assistance when needed. This brings as well to the fact that our suggestions and our guideliness will be not just useful but essential to reach the best final photographic result.

Our Experiences

From Italy to Malaysia - From Portraits to Advertising

We have started our journey in photography in 1991 and slowly we grow with better equipment, better paid commissions, different type of assignements such as sport, weddings, advertising, commercial catalogues, films, presss, trainings, cruises, theatre...
The beauty of taking part to so many different type of photography styles are the acquired skills and the chance to combine those styles when this was beneficial to the images themselves. The experiences are not just history, they create our future. Let's continue together looking forward.