03.12.2014. Introduction to Portrait

Painting or drawing or shooting with a camera doesn't change the essence of the meaning 'portrait'.

In fact a portrait is done to tell the story, the attitude or to stop a feeling of the sitter.

One of the most important thing about portrait photography is an interest in our subjects. The subject that we are going to draw with our camera needs our attention, our focus, our full understanding to better appear on our lighted description of him/her. When we look at portraits, we learn about the people in them, more often there is just one person but we can have portraits of families, groups or historical representatives of social groups, classes or events.

We all reveal our feelings and attitudes differently. Some of us may show our individual character with immediate transparency, while others may be more difficult to 'read' at first. The photographer must become proficient at studying people whom he or she doesn't know in order to capture their essence. This means watching for signals in a subject's mannerism, reactions, expressions, body language and so on, and then judging how best to have the subject's character revealed for the camera.[...]

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07.09.2013.Sony Smartphone Lenses - QX10 & QX100

When I first read about something new from Sony I was honestly very skeptical, it is because the last few years of Sony products and marketing. In the last ten years Sony has been able to lost the leadership in all the main markets and technologies (except maybe for the game consoles, PlayStation). This time instead Sony come up with something really innovative and appealing. [...]

05.09.2015. PHOTOSHOP retouch gone wrong

Photoshop or Gimp are amazing software that help to improve the images quality. The results could be really satisfactory but as per any software/application from a wonderful instrument the human kind can create abominations, monsters or just funny images. http://photographsbw.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/photoshop-retouch-gone-wrong.html" target="_blank" class="link2">[...]

15.08.2013. Writing with light = PHOTOGRAPHY

Writing with the light, this is the meaning of photography and so the most common and ugly mistake in photography are related to the miss-knowledge of light. Even the blur images are often a consequence of this. [...]

14.08.2013. Photography - the Best and the Worst

As per any respectful so called photographer I will start this blog talking about myself :) No, the one showed in the beside portrait is not me....... I have been working in photography for more than 20 years, I am 40 now so you can understand that this is a very long long commitment. I worked in different type of environments and I thought photography in different countries around the world. I can say that I have got a certain experience to judge the technical quality of the images. [...]